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5 Mindblowing Examples Of Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening is nature’s graffiti, a default to action for anyone dissatisfied with the way their street or pavement looks. Guerrilla gardeners have started planting en masse to create elaborate gardens in the most unlikely of places – everything from boots to bus tops. Armed with “seed bombs”, any publicly-owned space is fair game for a flower or tree. These are some of the best examples of guerrilla gardening – a fun way anyone can transform a landscape with a green thumb and a sense of mischief.

1. This vegetal wonderland soaking up the fumes.

Now idling can be a thing of idle beauty.

2. This succulent-sounding boombox.

This one’s a real chart-topper.

3. This excellent recycling of an old boot.

These boots were made for plantin’.

4. This railing that probably leads to a tea party.

Here’s an idea for all those useless kitchen gadgets you ordered off telly while half asleep.

5. This mecca of nature’s graffiti artists coming together.

I mean, where do I sign up?

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