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5 creative ways to show off your succulents

1. Spell It Out

Is there anything more precious than a succulent planter (£81.78, Etsy) that reminds all of us what's important in life? All you need is love...

2. Cage Them Up

Even if you're aren't a bird owner, you're about to take a shine to their cages. Here, a blogger used a vintage creation to make a floating garden that's completely whimsical.

3. Elevate Your Bottles

Raise your hand if you have a pile of empty wine bottles under your sink. This household staple can easily be turned into a hanging succulent planter (£19.82, Etsy)

4. Go Vintage

A vintage mannequin filled with moss creates a standing garden that fashionistas will especially appreciate.

5. Make a Seashell Arrangement

Succulents come in all shapes and sizes...and so do seashells, so together they make the perfect pair. As the blogger behind a Healthy Succulent Obsession points out, it's a great way to use your baby plants.

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