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5 Bold Basils to Grow at Home

Easy-to-grow basil will thrive in a sunny window or garden spot. Try different varieties so you can experiment with adding lemony, peppery or even cinnamon-like flavor to dishes.

1. Opal basil

Opal basil's mildly spiced flavor and rich violet color make it great to use atop bruschetta or as a cocktail garnish, where the color and flavor can truly stand out.

2. Versatile basil

Because fragrant, versatile basil is so easy to grow, it's a summer staple for many home gardeners. With roots from Greece to Thailand, basil varieties range from sweet to spicy. Click or tap ahead to check out seven varieties of this sun-loving herb.

3. Cinnamon basil

Like its namesake, cinnamon basil has a distinct spicy note. Cinnamon basil pairs well with fresh fruit. It can add a cinnamon-y note to fruit smoothies or be a fragrant garnish for summery desserts

4. Thai basil

Thai basil is a touch spicier than its other basil counterparts, but it stands up well to heat and cooking, making it a top choice for Asian-inspired stir-fries and soups.

5. Lemon basil

Lemon basil's flavor mimics that of lemon zest. And like lemon zest, it pairs well with creamy pastas or fresh fish.

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