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5 Simple Budget-Friendly Plans to Build a Greenhouse

Most of plants and especially vegetables are sensitive to cold wheather, so have you stopped your gardening plans? In fact, you don’t need to stop your steps when the harsh weather strikes. A greenhouse will prove quite effective to keep your garden in bad weather. They can extend your growing season, let you grow tender or delicate plants, and no matter the season they will be a gorgeous yard or garden addition. And moreover, a DIY greenhouse would be the best way lets you have a cheap and efficient greenhouse. We have found a lot of great DIY greenhouse examples that range from a temporary solution to a full size project. These greenhouses are quite functional and easy to use as well. The most importantly, they don’t need to break your bank. Have a look!

1. Geo Dome Greenhouse  Get Tutorial here ====> northernhomestead.com

2. Build a Fold-Down Greenhouse   Download the PDF file for Tutorial ====> bonnieplants.com

3. Seed Starting in Mini Umbrella Greenhouses Get Tutorial here ====> gardentherapy.ca

4. Get Tutorial here ====> thinmac.wordpress.com

5. Get Tutorial here ====> designdreamsbyanne.blogspot.co.uk

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