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5 Beautiful Spring Branch Displays

A few simple cuttings from the spring branches in your yard can bring the color and scents of the season into your home. Here are 5 ways to show off the beauty of blooming branches.

1. Striking combo

Mix a blooming branch with flowers from your garden. Redbuds partnered with grape hyacinths and hyacinths make a striking combo.

2. Play with vintage

Vintage soda bottles make for a playful arrangement when filled with different blossoms, such as apple, crabapple and forsythia branches. For added interest, shorten a branch or two to vary the heights.

3. Naturally restful

Soft pussy willow branches nestled in a variety of green bottles create a naturally restful scene for a bath or a kitchen display.

4. Showy greeting

If a watering can on a door won’t work at your house, consider placing the can inside an urn. Long forsythia branches create a showy greeting.

5. Mix and match

Mix and match blooms and vessels (left to right: ornamental cherry, pear, dogwood and quince). Place on a console or in an entryway. The variation of sizes and colors makes the display more engaging

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