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5 Amazing Ideas To Use Your Narrow Side Yard

Every inch of space is well worth stealing, we should make good use of it. But sometimes, a space such as a side alley or yard is still usually overlooked. How to make good use of such a weird and narrow space would be a big challenge. Here are some great cases we have gathered for you will help you utilize that wasted space in your yard. You can see the side yard turned into inspiring garden beds, kids play area, private outdoor pool…Trust me, these designs are all worth seeing.

1. It would be the best place to practice golf in your home.

Tutorial here ==> littlebitfunky.com

2. Making use of the space for setting up a cozy outdoor shower.

Source:  sfgate.houzz.com

3. Make a side yard makeover for improving home’s curb appeal.

Tutorial here ==> loveoffamilyandhome.net

4. DIY chalk-painted board to the fence for children.

5. Build long and narrow garden beds along the yard fence.

Tutorial here ==> loonyville.wordpress.com

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