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Fastest way to plant a raised garden bed #Organic_Gardening

I just got two of these as gifts for Christmas last year - one for my dad who is planting raised beds for the first time this coming spring and one for me from Santa :-) I love raised bed gardening, and am excited to use the Garden Stamp to simplify planting and to maximize my bed space!

When there was a minor problem with my order (Amazon's fault), Jenn at the Garden Stamp went WAY above and beyond my expectations to make sure things were made right! The customer service was absolutely amazing! Thank you, again, Jenn!

The Garden Stamp is GREAT! It made planting SOOOOO much easier and efficient, and never have my rows been so straight! I just wish the Garden Stamp had been around when my grandpa was still alive, he would have LOVED it! But it's not just for older people or kids - I'm 31 and I love it!

I found it super useful for planting from seed, but also really helpful with transplanting the plants I started indoors and bought from a local greenhouse. While the holes obviously aren't big enough to transplant in, it was really nice to have such an easy way to space my transplants and keep everything organized and efficient!

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