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6" Small Cowpots, Set of 4

6" Small Cowpots, Set of 4
Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly Cowpots for Transplants
  • Completely biodegradable pots make seedstarting easy
  • Transplant seedlings, pot and all, directly into garden, reducing transplant shock
  • Pots add nutrients to the soil as they degrade
Plants thrive in these award-winning biodegradable transplant pots. Cowpots™ are the patent-pending invention of Matt and Ben Freund, two Connecticut dairy farmers who were looking for an environmentally responsible way to dispose of cow manure. The manure is dried, completely composted, mixed with natural fibers, and pressed into pots. Gardeners love Cowpots because they are odorless and free of weed seeds. Plants love Cowpots too, because transplant shock is greatly reduced. Best of all, Cowpots are 100% biodegradable. They last for months in the greenhouse or windowsill, but will dissolve within weeks after planting in the garden, providing essential organic nutrients. We are very excited about Cowpots, and recommend them to any gardener who wants to increase plant health and reduce waste.

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