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DIY Pallet Gardening Table

Wouldn’t be great to have your own gardening/ potting table, a place where you can keep all gardening related tools and that you can easily hide when not in use? You can really have one, suitable for your needs and made from simple materials: 2 same size pallets, 4 strap hinges (4’’), 6- C shaped- heavy- duty screws, small C hooks, wood screws and chain. First, attach the two pallets placing hinges – from the center (2) to the exterior (2). Insert the big C screws in the last two planks of the pallets- 2 on the upper pallet, 2 on the lower pallet and another 2 on top of the upper pallet. Pass the chain through the hooks and fixate the pallet table to the wall of your house/ garage, using 2 C screws. Add the small C hooks and start storing your gardening supplies. Enjoy!

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