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Cool White Starry String Lights #Landscaping

These lights are absolutely lovely. The wires are unobtrusive, making the lights look like they're floating. They put out so little heat that I'm not worried about putting them anywhere. I'm only using them indoors, and I would hesitate to put them outside except on a covered porch or similar sheltered location.

I was concerned about the wires being too fragile, since they really are just wires without a protective casing, but they seem fairly sturdy. The wire up until it reaches the lights is coated, which gives it a little extra protection. The lights themselves are much smaller than traditional Christmas lights, so they have a true fairy-light effect.

If you're looking for something a little different and on the airy side, these are the lights for you!

These shipped quickly, they came well-packaged, and I've been very happy with the seller, who has been great about answering questions and following up to make sure I'm happy with the product (I've never had any other Amazon seller do that unsolicited, so I was impressed).

You can buy from Amazon.

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