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Wall Mounts & 4 Planters-Great for Indoor & Outdoor Walls

Liven up your walls with the Wall Mount Planter Set from Ideaworks. Great for both indoor and outdoor walls, mount up real plants for your ideal floral décor. The set includes 4 wall mounts and 4 planters, and it can be configured and hung individually or as a set.
Choose from the multi-colored or the terracotta set to better complement your wall. Installation hardware is included.

BOTANICAL DÉCOR: Add some floral flare and decorate your wall with up to 4 real plants
PERSONAL ARRANGEMENT The 4 planters and 4 wall mounts can be arranged and hung individually or as a set in several configurations
PLANTER STYLE: Choose from the multi-color or the terracotta set to complement your wall design
DUAL LOCATION: The Wall Mount Planter Set can be used for both indoor & outdoor walls
INSTALLATION: The installation hardware is included with each set


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