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5 Ways to Show Off Your Peonies

Peonies are bold and beautiful on their own, but they also make the perfect accent to almost any bouquet. Here are six ways to display these bright blooms.

1. Garden-style peony bouquet

Use peonies to bring a pop of color to a bouquet of other blooms. This grouping features peonies, pink and blue hydrangea, clematis and tricolor beech foliage, and deep-blue bells of Campanula flowers.

2. Peony power

An abundant display of peonies spills out of a vintage ewer; sprigs of taller blooms – like these wands of purple baptisia and garlic scapes – provide height and accent the peonies nicely.

3. Dairy-fresh blossoms

Peony blossoms on short stems fill old cream bottles in this antique wire carrier. Even when the stems are cut short, the blooms still look extravagant and smell heavenly.

4. Teatime

A dozen magenta peony buds and snippets of soft yellow honeysuckle in a stoneware teapot make a charming bouquet.

5. Peony accents

A handful of showy peonies accent broccoli foliage and seed heads, hellebore flowers, yellow columbine, white Scabiosa and pink wands of coralbells.

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