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5 Hanging Planters That Will Make Your Garden Look Amazing

One of the best ways to decorate your garden is to invest in better – looking planters. This also means that you can get what you want for a cheaper price, if you’re willing to do it yourself. In this article we are showing you ten hanging planters that will make a difference in your garden and trust us, you are going to love the results

1. Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

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Wood pallets are often used for creating hanging planters. In this case, the planter just holds the whole plant with its planter, and not the actual dirt. What makes this planter so interesting is exactly its color. If you leave the wood pallets just like that, they won’t leave any impression. But, by painting them yellow (such a happy color!) they will catch the eye of everyone and will send out beautiful vibes!

2. Hanging Planter with Rope

This isn’t the easiest project for a DIY beginner because it includes drilling and dealing with knife, screws and metal rings, to name few of the items. However, giving it a try even with a friend is still going to be worth it because the picture proves how awesome the planters will look. You need these materials to make them – 12×1 x 4′ board
drill, 3/4″ drill bit, pencil, jigsaw, level, spool of sisal rope, knife, 8″ zip ties, 2″ metal ring, spool of twine and 2″ wood screws

3.  Hanging Gutter Planter

Don’t you just wish to have a garden like this one? These planters are seriously magical, together with the flowers, they can make your garden seem as if it has gotten out of a fairy tale. To make your very own hanging gutter planter, you need 1- 10 ft white traditional vinyl gutter, 3 sets – white vinyl k-style end cap set (2 pk), 20 feet- 1/4 inch white braided nylon and polyester rope, 1 pk- 1/4 inch x 2 inch zinc-plated rope S-hook, 2- 3 3/4inch Steel Screw-In Plant Hook, 3/8 inch drill bit, drill, jigsaw or hack saw and scissors

4. Copper Himmeli Hanging Planter

This is a very interesting way to improve your garden’s look. With its shape and color, these copper himmeli planters are something you might want to give it a try. Here are the materials that you need – copper tube ¼” diameter, copper wire 22 gauge, junior tube cutter for cutting copper, 2 – repurposed ceramic bowls, 2 – small plants, ruler, scissors and marker

5. Simple Upcycled Planter

It’s all about decorating a regular planter. As you can see, here we have a purple – colored planter with black and white details. If you’re not interested in wood pallets, drilling and similar DIY activities, then you definitely should try this one. It’s creative, simple and won’t empty your pocket. Just get yourself a chalkboard paint and get creative!

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