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5 Gardening Tips and Tricks

In order to have a nice and tidy garden you need to invest your time into making it that way. A flower won’t grow out of nowhere. It is time to get your hands dirty and make that garden a special place for and your family. Using these helpful tips and trick will make gardening a breeze. Be patient and constant and your garden will reward you with beautiful, brighter bloom and a richer harvest. No matter what kind of garden you have: rose, vegetable or weed garden these tips work and will save you lots of time. If you are a beginner then you will notice that gardening becomes easier every year, it’s a lovely habit.

1.  Epsom Salt

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Epsom salt has many uses in gardening. The salt is rich with  magnesium and sulfate which are crucial to plant life. If you want those tomatoes to grow big and round then use epsom salt and see the wonders.

2. Vegetable Cooking Water

If you have a garden, next time you are cooking vegetables don’t throw the water. The water contains lot’s of beneficial nutrients that your garden needs. Fertilize your garden with the water after it is cooled down.

3. Leftover Coffee Grounds

Acidify the soil of plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, gardenias and blueberries using leftover coffee grounds. Use this method once a month to keep the pH of the soil acidic enough. Don’t over do it because some plants are acid-sensitive

4. Give Your Garden A Calcium Boost

Grinned eggshells are great for the soil and the plants, as they contain a lot of calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and potassium. Simply grind some eggshells , using the blender or a grinding tool, and combine with the regular soil

5. Keep Pets Away From Garden

Cats and dogs are wonderful, but they often times tend to go to places that they shouldn’t, like your lovely garden. Place plastic forks and spoons in your garden to prevent them from destroying your plants.

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