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5 Best Vegetable Crops for Pots

Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden. The good news is that many vegetables that grow in soil can be grown in a pot or container. Some of them are very simple to grow even for beginner vegetable gardeners. You will be surprised by the amount of crops you can harvest when growing veggies in containers.

1. Tomatoes

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Homegrown tomatoes and what we can buy in supermarkets are worlds apart and can’t be compared. It is very easy to grow your own tomatoes. Started from seed it takes about eight weeks to develop seedlings ready for transplanting. However if you don’t feel confident enough to grow them from seed then buy a grown plant. Tomatoes grow in pots, grow bags or hanging baskets. Bush or trailing varieties are best for containers. What they need is some sun, some fertilizer, regular watering and you to to be around when the tomatoes ripen!

2. Salad Leaves
Growing salad leaves is certainly the simplest crop to start your veg garden with. Try sowing a mix of seeds to have different leaves and and cut the fresh leaves just 3 weeks later! They will keep growing as long as you keep harvesting the leaves. Another great thing about growing leaves in a pot or hanging basket is that it eliminates the problems with slugs and snails!

3. Carrots
Depending on which type of carrot you go for, the long roots, such as ‘Nantes‘ or the shorter ones like the ‘Thumbelina‘ choose the adequate pot to be deep enough for your carrots. Usually the short-rooted varieties do well in pots. Once the seeds are sown (sow it thinly 2-3 cm apart) and make sure to keep the soil damp. Two months later you can harvest the sweet and crispy carrots!

4. Chillies
Being a tropical plant chillies need two things light and heat. It’s perfectly possible to grow chillies on a window sill, not only in a greenhouse! They can also survive outdoors in a warm spot with strong sunlight. Did you know that the spiciness is determined by the temperature? The warmer the conditions are, the spicier the chillies!

5. Spinach
 Spinach needs regular water and cool temperatures. Avoid too much hot sunlight that leads to bolting and too little water that will make the leaves taste bitter. You can sow seeds directly, or transplant seedlings to prepared soil. Spinach is a great crop for containers. Harvest your baby spinach in 3-5 weeks!

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