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5 Plants for Your Garden to Help Save the Bees

Without bees there will be no agriculture. Unfortunately, bees are struggling in the wild., so much that have already gone extinct. Although bees do not harm our crops, the use of pesticides and other environmental pollutants are killing them off, This is why today the private garden is the place for protecting the bees. In order to increase their number we can grow many kinds of plants that provide pollen and nectar for the bees to feed. These 10 plants are a great choice for a bee friendly garden…

1. Aster

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Aster is important for honeybees to feed in order to get through the winter months as it provides late food. This is because aster flowers during late summer to autumn when many flowers have stopped blooming. The modern hybrid perennial is very easy to grow and has gorgeous colorful starry-shaped flowers.

2. Coneflower

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With coneflower or echinacea in your gardens attracting bees is guaranteed. These tall plants will bloom from midsummer to late fall. Start them from seeds or seedlings and tolerate poor soil and dry conditions. Today there are many varieties to choose from and they all attract bees and butterflies.

3. Sunflowers

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Bees can get plenty of pollen and nectar from Sunflower‘s large central discs. These gorgeous flowers are available in many shapes and colors and obviously love the sun. Choose yellow and orange varieties over reds if you want to attract bees. Make sure you avoid varieties that contain no pollen.

4. Stonecrop

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Stonecrops or Sedums are succulents with heads of tiny flowers that are so easy to grow! You can propagate them from cuttings, seeds or stem. All they want is a little sun and drainage which makes them a perfect choice for lazy gardeners or dry areas. But they are also a great choice if you want to attract bees to your garden, especially when their tiny star shaped flowers start to appear from mid-spring to late fall.

5. Bee Balm

These beautiful flowering plants from the mint family deserve a place in every bee friendly garden. They like plenty of sun but also plenty of moisture. You will enjoy their flowers all summer! And just as their name suggests, prepare to see lots of bees around these beauties. Pick from the different color choices ranging from deep red to various shades of pink and purple, and even white. Both the leaves and flowers are aromatic.

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