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Growing potatoes in a trash bag

How To :
  • Place seed potatoes in a warm spot. When the sprouts that form are about 1/4" to 1/2" long, the potatoes are almost ready to plant.
  • Cut large seed potatoes into chunks about 2" wide. Each piece should have at least two sprouts.
  • After cutting the seed potatoes, let them sit at room temperature for two or three days.
  • Cut several drainage holes in the bottom of a 30-gallon black plastic trash bag.
  • Fill about one-third of the way up with potting soil. Place the bag in an area of the garden that receives full sun.
  • Plant the seed potatoes by burying them, eyes pointed up, about 2" deep in the soil. Water well.
  • When the potato plants get about 6" to 8" tall, add more soil and straw to the bag. Add enough soil so that just the top few leaves poke through the dirt.
  • As the potato plants grow, continue to unroll the bag and add more soil. Keep the potatoes well watered but not soggy.
From : diynetwork.com

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