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APS-24 Units Ensure Seed Starting Success

  • All-in-one seedstarting system offers self-watering convenience
  • Includes Pegboard, Planting Tray, Reservoir, Capillary Mat, and Greenhouse Cover
  • The larger 2" x 2" cells of this APS-24 are best suited for fast-growing seedlings, such as tomatoes, peppers and marigolds

This all-in-one unit ensures steady supply of water for seedlings. Just keep the reservoir filled and the soil will remain perfectly moist. The APS 24 ensures sturdy, healthy transplants that will thrive in your garden. The insulated growing tray and greenhouse cover trap warmth and moisture to speed germination. The capillary matting and reservoir let seedlings help themselves to water as they need it, even if you're away. Seedlings pop right out of the tray for planting, which prevents root damage and transplant shock. We recommend our Germinating Mix. Replacement Parts are available.

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