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Indoor Aloe Vera Plant Care Tips

Hope you enjoy these great tips for optimal Aloe Vera Plant Care.

Aloe Vera Plant Care Tips:
  • Water once every two weeks
  • Aloe Vera can survive through drought – very hearty
  • Only water when soil is completely dry
  • Aloe Vera consists of almost 100% water so they don’t need
  • Aloe Vera needs LOTS of sunlight – experimenting is ok (100% exposure is best for indoors)
  • Outdoor aloe vera plants often thrive when they are not 100% exposed to direct sunlight, so putting them under a bigger tree that blocks about 60% of the direct sunlight is ok.
  • Indoor Plants often thrive the best when placed in front of a window that faces the East or West
  • If leaves of the aloe vera plant turn brown or orange with spots, this is an indicator that the plant isn’t thriving well in direct sunlight. In this case, try putting the plant in the shade for a few days with lots of water so it can replenish itself

Aloe Vera Plant Care – Plotting
  • Always use drainage pots
  • Terracota drainage pots are ideal because they allow for additional drainage
  • The pot doesn’t have to be deep because aloe vera plants roots spread outward not downward
  • Use a pot that is wider than it is deep
  • Want soil to have perlite, pumice and sand – this can be found at any nursery

Aloe Vera Plant Care – Replanting Shoots
  • Healthy aloe vera plants sprout new shoots quickly
  • It is time to repot when the sprouts are 3 inches in height
  • Avoid repotting shoots beyond 3 inches tall because at this point the aloe plants starts sapping energy from their mother
  • If the mother’s aloe leaves start growing horizontally she is DISTRESSED and needs your urgent response
  • Water immediately after replanting them
  • Want soil to have perlite, pumice and sand – this can be found at any nursery, garden story or even grocery store

Optional Feeding Options For Indoor Aloe Plants:
  • Aloe Vera indoor plants can be fed worm castings or kelp fertilizers

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