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How to stop mosquitoes from breeding in my fountain

Do you have mosquitoes breeding in your fountain here is how you can i get rid of them.
  • Use baking soda, the baking soda smothers the larve and wont allow them to hatch. We use baking soda in the water holes laying in the woods and it does seem to keep it under control.
  • Or you can use Mosquito Dunk's. They contain Bacillus thuringensis, a naturally occurring bacteria. It is a particular strain of the bacteria that specifically targets mosquito larvae and blackfly larvae. It is completely harmless to other invertebrates, and vertebrates. It's highly effective. Many municipalities use Bacillus thuringensis as a larvicide. Instead of using harmful chemicals to kill mosquitoes.
  • You can Add a 1/4 cup or so of chlorine bleach, this will help any bacteria from brewing up...just make sure everything around it won't get ruined from some splashes if it does splash out. But you have to set your calendar to do it every saturday or so.
  • Or add a few drops of cooking oil to the water and it coats the top and the mosquitoes will not lay their eggs in the water. or on the top...And the mosquitoes will drown. It really works.... I only do it a time or two a summer

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