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How to make a stacked pot planter! #Landscaping

You'll Need:

  • First, gather up 4 flower pots in graduating sizes.
  • A wooden dowel rod. Especially if you have animals or small kids
  • Verbena, petunias, and nasturtiums flowers.

The Directions:

First, place you largest pot on the ground where you’ll be keeping it. Then, fill the pot with potting soil. Then Insert the dowel rod so it it resting in the drainage hole of the pot.

Then, add your second pot, fill with soil, then your third pot and add soil to it as well. Once you get all the pots stacked and the soil in them, trim the dowel rod so it is level with the top pot.

Next add flowers all around the edges of your stacked planters. And viola! A masterpiece has been created.

Now all you have to do is keep your planter watered and sit back and enjoy the view.

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