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Rooting roses from cuttings in a mini greenhouse

You'll need : A plastic half-gallon jug, A 2-liter soda bottle, A sharp knife, Rooting hormone, Pruners

we will use the bottom of the milk jug as a pot, and the top of the soda bottle as a top to create a mini greenhouse for your cutting.
  • First use the knife to cut holes in the bottom of the milk jug for drainage.
  • Then fill the jug to within an inch of the rim with potting mix, water thoroughly, and let it drain.
  • Take a stem with 5 or 6 leaflets. Cut the bottom of the stem below the last leaflet, at a 45 degree angle toward the back of the bud like this. Use the knife to lightly score the bottom of the cutting on two or three sides.
  • Dip your cutting into rooting hormone, and shake off any excess.
  • Place the cutting in the hole about 2 inches deep. Firm the soil around the cutting, and water it well.
  • Slide the top of the soda bottle, with the cap on, carefully over the cutting.
  • Place your rose cutting outdoors in a cool shady place.
  • Do not expose your cutting to hot direct sun because the interior of your soda-bottle greenhouse will overheat and kill the cutting.
Your cutting may surprise you by starting to grow new leaves. This is an independent process, and is not an indication that your cutting has produced roots.

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