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How to Root Plant Clippings

  • Wait for the flowers to bloom and fall off.
  • Once the bush starts to sprout out little kelly green shoots, clip off 12-20 of those new shoots.
  • Clip just below two leaves and immediately put the clippings in a cup of water so they won’t dry out.
  • Set up a seedling tray full of a compost and/or potting soil mixture.
  • Select a clipping out of the water and shake any excess water off, but do not dry. Strip any leaves off the stem where it will be inserted below the dirt.
  • Dip the clipping into the rooting hormone powder up to where the dirt level will stop. Shake any excess back into the bottle.
  • Carefully insert the clipping into the hole you made in the dirt (you want to avoid disturbing the powder.) Gently press dirt back around the clipping.
  • After all the clippings have been planted, water the soil until it is moist, but don’t drown your clippings.
  • Set your clippings in a sunny window that will receive a few hours of sun daily. Or you can set your tray in a protected (partially shaded spot) in your yard if the last frost has passed. Water frequently to keep the soil moist, but do not over-saturate your clippings.
  • Within a few weeks the clipping should sprout roots and continued to shoot up. After they are maturing well, you should be able to transplant them to their new location. Continue to water and protect them from frost for a month or so.

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