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How to make a potato tower #Organic_Gardening

Potatoes are delicious and fun to grow in the backyard garden. They also have a hadful of enenmies and fighting those foes will be easier in s tighter space. This is where potato towers will come in. The towers can be wire cages, burlap bags, plastic barrels or wooden crates or boxes. Make sure to plant your potato tower in a sunny location with good soil drainage.

Step 1: Bend some steel fencing into a 36-inch diameter circle and fasten. Ours is nearly 5 ft. tall, but it does NOT need to be… 3-4 feet tall would be plenty.

Step 2: Make a nest of straw in the bottom, and fill it with a 50-50 mixture of compost and old leaves. Nestle 5-7 seed potatoes, with eyes pointing to the outside, all the way around the circle.

Step 3: Continue layering up: straw, compost/leaves, seed potatoes, repeat until you run out of seed potatoes. Put a final topping of compost and straw on top, and you’re done.

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