How to grow sweet potatoes in a bucket #Organic_Gardening

When to Plant Sweet Potatoes

If you’re growing outside, you’ll want at least a 100 day long growing season to grow sweet potatoes. If you’re growing in buckets, of course, you can “extend” your growing season by starting them indoors.

You never want the soil your sweet potatoes grow in to go below 50 degrees. They will morph into inedible brown mush quickly below this level. So plant them after last frost, once the soil has warmed up. Check with your local agricultural extension to find the best planting dates for sweet potatoes in your area.

Sweet potatoes start off growing slowly, but shoot up like teenagers once the dog days of summer roll around.

When to Harvest Sweet Potatoes

Just like any plant, make sure they stay well watered. Once your sweet potatoes have seen 4 months of growth they should be ready for harvest.

In temperate climates, harvest immediately after your first frost – which is when your vines start to turn black.

If grown correctly, you can hope for a yield of about 25 pounds for each 20 gallon bucket sweet potato garden. That’s a very rough estimate; you may get more or less depending on variety and growing conditions.

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