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How to Build a Worm Tower #DIY

We like our worms to be free. They can leave if anything happens and we stop feeding them, rather than in a raised worm farm, where there is no escape. so we made this worm tower.

You will need: a saw and a hole saw. and a piece of repurposed pvc, which can be found at roadside chuck outs.
  • Cut regularly spaced holes in the pipe to allow worms access in to the yummy vege scraps inside. This is messy and makes pvc dust so be sure to do it somewhere you can sweep up.
  • You can file the insides and outside of the holes so that the worms don't get damaged crawling into their new favourite resaurant.
  • Dig a hole in the garden, somewhere easy to reach and dig the pipe vertically into the ground, removing the soil from inside.
  • Once you have installed the worm tower start putting kitchen scraps in there, not too much at once, though.
  • Avoid putting large amounts of onion or citrus in there if you can as the worms avoid these foods. Include some paper or cardboard as bedding for the worms so they have somewhere to rest between feasts.

Make sure you have a lid that fits well so that rodents can't get in and steal your worms away and to keep the moisture in.

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