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Heirloom Tomato Varieties to Grow #vegetable_gardening

Gold Medal: First listed as ‘Ruby Gold’ in a 1921 seed catalog, this sweet tomato was renamed ‘Gold Medal’ around 1976. The yellow skins have reddish-pink markings, and the yellow meat inside shows a faint blush. Ready in about 75 day, this tomato has a low acid content that gives it a mild taste

Aunt Ruby's German Green: is one of the largest green beefsteak tomatoes and can grow to over one pound.

Halladay's Mortgage Lifter: Many gardeners claim to grow the legendary ‘Mortgage Lifter’. According to the story, the plants were so popular, the original grower sold enough of them to pay off the mortgage on his family farm. This heirloom hails from the James Halladay family in Kentucky, where it’s been grown since the 1930s. The pink beefsteak fruits are meaty and rich in old-fashioned tomato taste.

Pilcer Vesy: A productive plant that yields plenty of large, lemon-yellow tomatoes with thick, tasty flesh these Pilcer Vesy beauties are originally from Russia and are sure to become a favorite here.

Black from Tula: A slightly salty, smoky flavor distinguishes this Russian heirloom from Tula, an industrial city south of Moscow. The fruits vary from dark brownish-purple to purple-black and can weigh up to 14 ounces. They ripen mid-season on indeterminate vines and are good sliced or canned.

Amish Paste: The succulent 'Amish Paste' heirloom tomato features juicy, meaty flesh and, naturally, makes for an excellent sauce.

Jaune Flamme: This French heirloom’s name means “yellow flame.” The apricot-colored fruits have a sweet flavor with a hint of tartness and are ready to harvest early in the season. Tomatoes hang in clusters on indeterminate vines; each fruit weighs about 3 to 4 ounces.

Orange Roma: Dating back to around 1955, these early-yielding orange tomatoes have very few seeds and a sweet, fruity flavor. The thick, meaty flesh cooks down nicely for making pastes and sauces. The indeterminate vines bear prolifically.

Mr. Stripey: Weighing in around one to two pounds at maturity, ‘Mr. Stripey’ is a beefsteak-type tomato with pinkish-red and yellow streaks, and a high sugar content that makes them sweet and delicious. The indeterminate vines start bearing in about 80 days and reach 8 to 10 feet tall.

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