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growing peppers from seed

6 Steps for a first time pepper grower:
  • 1) Choose and prepare the spot: Choose a sunny spot, Well-Drained Soils, The soil have to be deep, rich.
  • 2) Take your plants outside for a short times: exposing the seedlings to outdoor conditions helps them to adjust, so they’ll be less stressed when you plant them.
  • 3) Planting the peppers: wait until all danger of frost has passed. then set out your pepper plants on a cloudy day to help minimize the strain on the plants.
  • 4) Water your peppers: make sure your pepper plants receive at least an inch of water a week.
  • 5) Pinch off the early pepper blossoms: This won’t harm the plants, you want to pinch everything until the plant reaches full size. If you don't the plant will never reach it's full potential. The plant would then be able to support the weight of the crop.
  • 6) harvesting the peppers: You can harvest the peppers at their immature stage "green" or "purple", but the flavor will be sweeter if you wait for them to turn their mature color—usually "red", but sometimes "golden yellow" or "orange".

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