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5 Easy vegetables to grow in pots #vegetable_gardening

Here are my 5 favorite container veggies for beginning gardeners. They’re all easy to start from seed and will grow happily in containers on your patio, driveway, poolside…wherever you can fit ‘em. All these varieties are from my friends at Renee’s Garden.

“Rolande” bush bean:
Extra-slim, long deep green filet or “haricot vert” snap beans. A fine French delicacy with superb taste. Refined introduction with extra-crispy texture.
“Pot of Gold” chard:
Delicious, reliable and highly ornamental, these vigorous plants have crunchy golden stems contrasting with deep green leaves. Perfect for containers or striking mixed borders.
“Jade Gem” lettuce:
An heirloom gardener’s favorite: with 6 to 8 inch tall, fat little rosettes of juicy-sweet, wavy leaves that look like a plump mini romaine. Fast to grow for long harvests of ready-to-eat salads.
“Astia” zucchini squash:
French bush variety, developed especially for containers and small space gardens. Compact squash vines are ornamental, early bearing & productive. Easy to harvest, glossy green fruits.
“Bush Slicer” cucumber:
Juicy slicing cucumbers in record time on disease resistant, dwarf bushes, perfect for a small space or container. The 6 to 8 inch long fruits have smooth, tender skin and sweet, crisp flesh.

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