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RainMaker Automatic Watering System

The Flower House SOL-K12 Solar "RainMaker" Automatic Watering System is a one of a kind item! This solar powered unit waters your plants and herbs using only Sun power, no outlets to find, no plug-in to worry about, just set up, place the Solar "Rain Maker" in a sunny position near your water barrel or similar non-pressured water supply, insert the feeder tube into the water barrel and arrange the drip tubes as required to your plants, switch on the unit and that's it! The Solar RainMaker automatically waters every three hours, and the amount of water is adjusted by a simple dial. This unique Solar RainMaker is great for outdoor and indoor use, greenhouses, and gardens! Solar RainMaker kit contains, 1 - Solar RainMaker Pump Unit, 1- Anti Siphon Device, 1 - Inlet Filter, 12 - Drip Heads, 12 - Stakes, 12 - Tee fittings, 45' of Irrigation Tube.

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