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Metal Squirrel Feeder

Metal Squirrel Feeder
Clever squirrels love lifting the roof on this storehouse of food and stealing tasty morsels (we made it easy for them!). They'll be so busy raiding, they'll forget all about your bird feeders!

This rugged, all-metal feeder stands up to feisty squirrels and has a textured, weather-resistant finish. A metal roof keeps food dry and fresh. Fill it with squirrel favoritespeanuts, corn kernels, or one of our wildlife blends.

Post mounts or you can use the slots on the back to rear mount it to a tree or post as shown. Hold about 2 lbs. depending on the food you offer. Green Verdigris. 12 x 7 x 7 inches.

You can get this feeder from amazon.com

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