How to grow summer squash #vegetable_gardening

Step 1: Sow the squash seeds 2 to 3 inches deep, planting four to five seeds 3 to 4 inches apart in the soil mound. Don't sow the seeds until three weeks after the last frost, when soil has warmed to at least 60 degrees.

Step 2: Apply a 2-inch layer of mulch to conserve moisture and protect the roots.

Step 3: Set an A-frame trellis in place right after planting, so as to not disturb growing roots later on. The trellis will save space, make it easier to pick the squash, promote better air circulation and prevent them from touching the ground.

Step 4: Water well after sowing the seeds, and keep the soil evenly moist.

Step 5: Thin to the two or three strongest seedlings by snipping the weaker ones off at soil level when the squash seedlings have two sets of true leaves.
Attach young squash plants to the trellis with strips of nylon stocking. If the plants become unruly later in the growing season, you can snip the growing tips to promote lateral branching along the trellis.

Step 6: Feed your summer squash plants with a 5-10-10 fertilizer every 10 days. The squash should be ready for harvest 50 to 65 days after planting.

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