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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I received this Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 9 months ago, currently 27" tall, big leaves. I often water the base, but this plant you can slowly trickle at very top and it will wind down the stem to the base, very cool. I infrequently spritz entire plant with water and do not over water. Has done well with various light conditions around windows. I am very happy with this purchase.

UPDATE: 22 months since purchase, 7 foot tall, re-potted last spring in 10 gallon dirt bag ( it has a huge root ball ), trunk is starting to bark out, limbs branching, so lush & full of leaves use a 4 ft rod to help stabilize. I may have to move to location with raised ceiling. I had tried to grow houseplants before and this one is extremely low maintenance, fun to watch grow and very satisfying. Secrets of my plant newbie success? I use a hydrometer to check soil moisture so I do not over water, good light and good soil.

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