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How to Build Your Own Growing Container #Organic_Gardening

First: prepare your containers. Drill 3/4" holes in the bottom and around the bottom sides of the container. You can use the lid, placed up-side-down, as a good drainage catcher, but make sure you have something to lift the container up off the lid so that air can get underneath, and so that the excess water will actually drain.

Second: start filling. I used marble chips in the bottom of the container to fill up some space, and also to allow for more draining. They are relatively inexpensive, and cheaper than the potting soil.

Then fill up the container the majority of the way to the top (roughly 3-4 inches from the top) with the potting soil

Third: start planting. At this point, you are ready to plant. Make sure you provide each plant with enough space to grow, and support where needed. Tomato cages are a wonderful thing, as well as trellises. What kind of support you will will depend on what you are planting.

Fourth: After you finish planting, added a layer of mulch on top of the soil. This helps retain water and also protects the soil... and it also looks good. :)

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