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Growing Sweet Potatoes #Organic_Gardening

Sweet potatoes take a lot of space, but they're easy to grow and and yield a generous harvest. Here's some tips for growing sweet potatoes at home.

1. Plant The Slips: The slips are basically mini plants. Plant them after the last frost, in rich soil with some well-aged compost, 12-18″ apart (we planted them far closer, but some of our potatoes were pretty small).

2. Do Virtually Nothing: Water regularly, but otherwise they need almost zero weeding, and we didn’t have any bugs or disease. You can stop watering them during the last 3 weeks before harvest, so the roots are dry when you pull them out, and so that they don’t develop any molds.

3. Pull Them Up! They’re basically on the same schedule as Irish potatoes: when they start to yellow in the fall, it’s about time to pull them. You can also feel them beneath the soil and get a sense of how big they are. and that’s it. No excuses now – if you like them, grow them!

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